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The PrimusTrade suite of applications provides traders with powerful tools to automate trading strategies, test and analyze their ideas , and scan the equities market in real-time. The simplicity of our software makes it accessible to the novice and experienced trader alike.

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PrimusTrade is a powerful automated trading and backtesting platform designed to allow virtually anyone to build, test, and launch algorithmic trading strategies. Venturing into the complex world of automated trading has finally been made simple.
Primus Reporting is a robust trade analysis program that allows traders to decipher trading data and effectively analyze both automated and discretionary trading performance.
PrimusScan is a real-time filtering and alerts program for the equities market that allows trader to build proprietary filters using PrimusTrade's simple "Expression Builder" interface.

Your Opinions


“I’ve been using PrimusTrade and Primus Reporting for just a few months and already have black boxes ready to be deployed. I never imagined algorithmic trading and analysis could be made this simple and effective. My only regret is not having this software earlier.”

Adam P.


“PrimusTrade is extremely easy to learn and use. It’s probably the best product out there for realistic backtesting and live trading.”

Max K.


“PrimusScan gives me the power to search the market for various trade setups. I now have the ability to create and customize my scans with easy to use rules and fields, from EMA’s to candlestick formations, it can’t be any easier. I spend less time searching and more time trading.”

Brian T.


“Over the years I have used a handful of industry-leading filtering software for trading and PrimusScan is by far the most intuitive user-customizable software I have ever used.”

Eugene K.