Primus Scan – Don’t Miss Another Trade!

Primus Scan is a real-time filtering and alerts program that allows traders to build proprietary filters using PrimusTrade’s simple Expression Builder interface. Utilizing drop-down menus and simple logic, traders can immediately start building their own custom filters. By avoiding so called “simple languages” and frustrating macros, we’ve given traders a tool that is truly accessible.

  • Server-Client architecture allows the client application to maintain a small footprint on traders’ PC’s.  All calculations are done on the PrimusScan server and then broadcast to the PrimusScan client. The result is minimal bandwidth and system resource utilization.
  • As part of our Primus Suite of software, Primus Scan uses the same Expression Builder rules engine as PrimusTrade. As a result, Filter rules can be used seamlessly for automated trading.
  • Efficient use and calculation of tick data means lower latency and accurate results.
  • Customizable user interface allows traders to modify fonts, background colors, column selection, and time fade behavior.
  • Ability to save numerous filters into Multi-monitor layouts allow traders to easily integrate PrimusScan into their existing screen real estate

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