What is PrimusTrade?

PrimusTrade is a stand-alone black box design, backtesting, and Live trading software.
The simplicity of our interface allows virtually anyone to build, test, and launch algorithmic trading strategies.
Built primarily for intraday strategies, PrimusTrade provides a simple means for any discretionary trader to venture into the world of algorithmic trading.

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Eight years ago, 2 proprietary traders set out to develop an algorithmic trading software that allowed them to develop and trade their own automated strategies. Having no knowledge of programming, it was imperative that this software be simple, intuitive, and most importantly, capable. With the help of a talented team of developers, what started as a simple idea soon evolved into a radical product.
Eliminating most barriers to entry, PrimusTrade made it possible for any trader to segway into automated trading without having to hire expensive programmers and developers. Moreover, professional trading offices could now utilize a turn-key solution to offer their traders a robust suite of tools, allowing them to automate many of their intraday strategies.
Unlike many of our competitors, our focus is on intraday trading. As a result, our backtests run on tick data and use logic that simulates the nuances of today’s fast paced equities market.

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How it works

Black Box Design

Build a black box

Use our simple Black Box Design form to create a trading strategy. Programming or so-called “simple languages” are not required. Compile your triggers, entries, and exits using drop-down menus and simple logic.

The PrimusTrade

Backtest your strategy

Test your trading ideas on over 2 years of TICK-BY-TICK trading history. Run a backtest on just a few days or an entire year on 8000 + NYSE and Nasdaq stocks.


Analyze your Backtesting Results

Our comprehensive Reporting and analytics tools allows you to analyze your strategy from soup to nuts. View individual executions on Trade analysis charting, model hypothetical results using basket and risk management matrixes, and generate weekly, monthly or yearly strategy reports.